Easy add for sorting excluded traits

I would like to suggest the check box for exclude additional traits be changed to a drop-down that can exclude these that I have though of so far: recessive traits, incomplete and or dominant traits, and pos hets.

Thanks for all of the work you guys are putting into the site!


So included in the excluded traits not just the morph selection but a bulk selection as well? This would work for included traits too. Say you didn’t want to see any that were poss het no matter what morph. Or you wanted to search within just recessive morphs, no matter the morph be it clown, pied, dg, hypo, ect? I can see that being useful for a wider range of snakes. It can certainly be done as the program is, but you would have to put in all morphs you wanted to exclude/include. I like being able to select more individual morphs like it is right now, but you are right it would be faster if you didn’t want to add all of them manually. It would still be important to trailer it down to each individual morph as well, but could be a useful tool!

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