Easy reptiles to breed

Hi i’m new to this community, So i got a question for expert/experienced breeders
Of a small list of reptiles (lizards and snakes) easy to breed and thank you for having me here. :slight_smile:

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Easy is so personal to each person- can you tell us what kind of experiences you have with animal husbandry? Ever, say, bred chickens, or just kind of casually had a cat around the house as a pet? Knowing what your level of experience is with what sort of animals can give us a clear idea of how much work you might still find easy, or how simple you want to start.

For example: I got into snakes this year, but I had a background of having kept a tortoise and done a lot of reptile medicine working with that animal, as he had failing health. I find snakes pretty darn easy because of the sheer level of fussing and husbandry I had to do daily to keep a baby tortoise in his little indoor tort table, and all his medical needs while I nursed him. So to me, a snake feels easy, but to someone who has never had a reptile and isn’t used to having to mind humidity, temp ranges, and so on a lot of snakes might be overwhelming.

Can you tell us why you’d like to breed animals? Is there a goal in mind? Then experienced breeders could tell you kind of how to steer your project. Some people really want to explore genetics and color, and ball pythons are famous for that, but a lot of reptiles can be bred for your fascination with genes. Or maybe you’d like a colony of little critters to keep as pets and watch them kinda run around int heir own ecosystem and enjoy their behaviors- turtles might be a way to go, or other cohabitable species like garter snakes.

There’s a lot to consider, as I am sure you’re aware: veterinary overhead, maintenance costs, space available for the health of the species you have, if you’ve got space to keep them all for a while if they don’t sell, the emotional ins and outs of life and death a breeder has to deal with, and so on. This is the right place to come to talk to experienced breeders, that’s for sure!


I want to breed snakes that are native to the appalachians and ozarks for example
corn snakes,garters,kings,coachwhips you name it, i want to do that because most species(except corns) are wild caught and start a captive populations with naturalistic husbandry and create an outdoor facility.
I been keeping reptiles for 7 years since i was 11 years old, Currently i have a bearded dragon, a leopard gecko, 2 tarantulas and a corn snake. Have a nice day were ever you at :slightly_smiling_face:

Garters and many kingsnakes are captive bred more often than not. I have seen some captive bred coachwhips lately too. If you live where these animals are native, you have to make sure it is legal you produce them however.

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There are not a lot of people breeding Captive garters for color morphs or the pet market, that is true. They might be a fun project, if they’re legal to keep in your area and you were up to everything that goes into them. I don’t know if anyone’s ever had a major outdoor open air facility for colubrids just because it’d be a Heron Buffet, or you’d never see them, I would guess. But naturalistic husbandry can be done very cool in PVC big enclosures indoors.

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The snakes would be kept in secure greenhouses and garden bed with polycarbonate walls with screen on the top, I might breed them indoors in the meantime and over time i’ll have them outdoors year except winter and when their babies. And i love the PVC idea which i been thinking of anyway! But when i have time,space,money and answers made, I’m ready to breed!