Edit: I’m actually an idiot XD

A quick google search has failed to yield the results I seek. Sorry I don’t have a pic, but one of my snakes had a good size light gray pebble like object in her stool. Very unlike the other urates…is it another manifestation of urates? Is it extra calcium or other part of prey that they don’t use? I’ve never seen one. I did feel it and it felt exactly like a pebble.
Tell me someone knows what that was so I don’t have to go dig it out of the trash and upload a pic! :poop:

Are you sure it’s a pebble? I know my ball pythons sometimes have funky colored urates, sometimes a little greenish or grey… doesn’t seem to be anything of concern though

Not like…I touched it. Then washed my hands. Felt exactly like a pebble out of a stream or something. Decent sized too like I’d say the size of 2 peas

Urates are pretty hard though, from my experience. They’re like pieces of sidewalk chalk :joy:

This was very unlike those, almost translucent as well. I talked with a friend he said he sees them on rare occasions but wasn’t sure what they were.

Oh, huh. Well, I’m stumped then. Though if your friend has seen it before, then maybe it isn’t anything of concern?

No I’m not overly concerned. Just don’t wanna throw a mini dragon egg away or anything :wink:

Ok I’m dumb. I just dug through my trash to find it again and look closer. It’s urate. The one side looked translucent and smooth but the other side was chalky. Just a gray/blue ball of urate. It was laying away from the side of the stool where the rest of the urate was so I just didn’t know. Mystery solved I guess. Carry on everyone