Editing Genetic Trees in a collection or Offspring Group [3891]

Hi Together;

One of the features I would like to have available in MorphMarket is having the ability to edit genetic trees.

So say for example I procure a Desert Ghost 50% pos het Clown 66% pos het Orange Ghost and I breed that animal to several animals over say three years and it proofs to be Desert Ghost 100% het Clown 100% het Orange Ghost, then by changing the genetics of the father (in this case the example animal) I want to update the genetics of the offspring.

In a large collection this would make it easy to identify double recessive traits and how they are distributed across the genetic tree of the breedings.

I have another example where I for example bred a Bamboo pos Vanila het Desert Ghost and breeding this to a Fire Clown and I only realized that it was actually het Clown as well and the Vanilla proofed out. So now I know for example that some of the other offspring must also be pos het clown and I can then go into those holdbacks and look for markers and place them aside to increase my possibility to create Desert Ghost Clowns from a larger pool of holdbacks.


Oooh, yes please! This would be much appreciated.


Maybe even pictures of possible outcomes would be great.