Egg bound? Help!

So I have a female lemon blast that I didn’t realize was going to lay eggs until about a month ago since she wasn’t paired to for about 4 months because the sire died on me.

She is now laying eggs, well she had laid one egg Thursday April 9th then Sunday April 12th she laid her second egg and seems to be holding out on me with the rest.

Is it normal for them to take such long breaks between eggs or is it more likely that she is egg bound with the rest? How long should I wait before trying to palpate them out? And am I being too impatient or over concerned?

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I said April in my post I meant May 9th but either way today May 15th she gave me the last 8 eggs she has inside her. Apologies for making anyone think they’ve been in her for over a month. Either way great advice from everyone that commented so I in the future I know how to address this issues!


Absolutely not. The absolute max amount of time it should take for all of the eggs to get out should be 3 days but even then that isn’t normal.

She needs a vet. At this point you have gone way past the point where you could maybe do something so going to the vet is the only option

Edit: don’t palpate. The vet should be able to do an x-ray anyway


Thank you. I got her an appointment for Wednesday morning 8am.


I don’t recommend palpating egg bound females unless you’re experienced with it. The ovaduct is sometimes fused to the eggs at that point and if palpating gets the eggs to come down or come out the ovaduct will invert and come out with the eggs. At that point the female’s reproductive career is over at best. At worst it can lead to euthanasia.

The vet is the best option.


Well after setting up an appointment for the vet I have a great update 5 days after the first egg she has laid 8 beautiful eggs.

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Great news I came home today at 12 and sure enough she was sitting on 8 more eggs. So 5 days after her first egg she finally gave us the rest. Thank god…


Glad to hear she got them all out! Edit: seems you noticed your month error, we were quite concerned for her! Best outcome and so happy for you both that a vet wasn’t required.