Egg bound or still building?

Hello, I do not know if I’m being paranoid or just being silly, my female laid an egg on 21st March just one egg but the others are still in her. When should I consider her egg bound? Now the egg she laid has veins but it’s dimpled, would I consider this a slug? When I found this egg she was locked to the male, is this a sign that she’s still building the rest of the eggs? Should I take her to the vets? I’m in a slight predicament as I just don’t know what to do now.

Thank you for any advice.

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If she laid one and it’s been two day I would be a bit worried. How is she behaving??

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Yesterday she was roaming then she will coil for hours and then it’s back to roaming again… but today she’s just been coiled in her hide.

Does she look like she is swollen near the cloaca?

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She did on the day I found the egg and yesterday but not anymore

Take that back just thought I would check, she seem slightly swollen near the cloaca

Leave her as still as possible. If she laid an egg while paired with a male, it was probably due to stress. She is ready to lay. You might even block out some light to give her a little more privacy. Good luck.


Thank you I will put a blanket over her

can you post a pic of what she laid?

Did you see an ovulation and prelay shed, if so then there is no need to keep pairing her. Having the male in with a gravid female is just going to cause her undue stress.

Also if you did she ovulation and prelay shed when is/was the expected lay date?


Yeah she ovulated and pre lay shed, I’ve just been getting so much mixed answer about pairings been told to keep pairing them until I see eggs been told not to pair, I didn’t know what to do so I put him in for the night after a month of keeping them apart and this happens so I will not do that again. With the date of lay I have no clue, I kept the records all on my old phone but that’s is now just a brick, so all my records are gone. I will grab a pic now.

If you :100: sure you get an ovulation you can stop pairing at that point.

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Okay, that’s good to know, will be keeping this in mind in the future

Thought I would just give an update, she laid six eggs today, I put a blanket over her vivarium and woke up to five whites and one boob egg. Thank you for the help


Glad it worked out for you w the female. That egg looks fine to me, I wouldn’t call it dimpled at all.

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so glad to hear she laid the rest.

yep once you see that huge swell you are going to be getting something, so no need to put undue stress on the female and wasting the energy of the male.

you may also want to think about getting a regular calendar and writing down when you see the ovy and the prelay shed just so you have it in several places. I have a 3 x 5 card with all my females so i can keep track of ovulations and prelay shed as well as put it on my calendar in my computer/phone.


I think will get a regular calendar and put cards on to there Vivariums next time just so I can’t lose track! Thank you for the advice, I will not put the male in after ovy again, made me panic so much when I saw that one egg!

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