Egg eating snake advice

I have been asking a lot about these snakes recently, and I know one or two users have seen me a lot and helped out every time (thank you).

Anyways, I am planning on getting a Dasypeltis Gansi soon. I have the tank set up (though I still need a few more things) and have multiple sources of quail eggs. I am looking for an adult female as I don’t have a reliable source of smaller eggs, but most are wild caught or captive born from unreliable sites. I do have one breeder but she said she isn’t sure when she will have more available, though she does have a few adult females she might sell once they recover from breeding (which might be a few months). I also have a nearby source who imports them from Africa I am planning to meet, though I may not buy from him as they are wildcaught. I will meet some of their snakes to see how well they handle, check for external injuries/parasites, and check it for signs of sickness. I will probably still take it to a veterinarian if I do buy, though. I will ask how well their snakes usually eat after they are bought, how well it has been feeding already, where they are being imported from, all that stuff to try and learn the most about the snake and the source.
However, I have heard egg eaters can eat well on a schedule (1-2 eggs a week) but usually prefer to eat on a seasonal cycle, and I would expect a wild caught to especially follow that. Either way, I think I will probably feed the snake on a seasonal cycle to make sure it is eating well, and I feel it would be less stressful for the both of us. However, I am unsure how to follow through with that. Just a few questions would be how do you know how many eggs to give them? When do you feed? Do you just replace the eggs as it eats them? How do you avoid obesity? I really don’t know anything on how I would do this, but I would probably still leave an egg every week or so as it fasts so it can start eating when it’s ready and it doesn’t starve, but other than that I don’t know anything how I would do this. I would love to hear how owners of these snakes feed their own, and your experiences with these snakes.
Thank you for your help!

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I think @t_h_wyman is likely going to be your best source of info here, as he’s kept them.

Also, feel free to comment on your previous post, that way those that have helped can continue to help. Sometimes new posts won’t get noticed right away by people that have helped previously. Just a suggestion!


Haha yes they are one of the people who have so generously helped with all my questions!

And thank you for the advice!


I think require is a better word than prefer. Feeding for more than just 3-4 months a year results in an unhealthy amount of food and shortens their lifespans significantly. If you think about it, how many birds do you know of that lay year round in the wild?

And as @t_h_wyman said in the previous thread, internal parasites aren’t a big issue with them so that does make more or less get rid of a common issue that is common in other species.

Just one thing to keep in mind is that you may be getting a 4 year old animal or 15 year old animal so you can’t really be certain how much time you will have with them. That is one of the big reasons why I like about captive bred (besides for the health and moral issues). Funny enough over half my herps still manage to be wild caught

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Yes, I had a feeling it would be better to feed them seasonally.

I am glad they told me about the parasites as that was something I was worried about. Thank you for sharing!

Also, I didn’t really think about the age of the snake. I suppose I will try to find a smaller female (as long as it can still eat quail eggs) and hope it’s younger, but as I am just getting into these snakes maybe it would be better if I actually end up finding them difficult to care for. However, I doubt that will happen, but I will try my best to find a younger snake if I can.
Thank you!

Also, may I ask, do you know what schedule would be best for a seasonal cycle? Like, should I just replace eggs as it eats or should I limit the number per week or something else? How could I watch to see if the snake is growing overweight or underweight?

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