Egg gone green and Moldy

Quick question on what my best course of action is here.
I’ve got a clutch of 8 eggs in the incubator, one egg has completely turned green over the weekend, and is growing some mold on it. 7 of the eggs are all stuck together because I didn’t get to pull them right away. Is there anything I need/can do to the rest of the clutch? I’ve heard that bad eggs can cause other eggs to go bad, and then I’ve heard that isn’t true also. So just looking to know if I need to take any action on this.

You can try to use fungus powder to just curb the mold… but a moldy egg should separate off the rest if you haven’t tried yet. You can use dental floss to “scrap” between the eggs if it being stubborn.


You are probably ok the mold doesn’t usually spread to healthy eggs. @steelserpents is correct though, I would try to separate if possible and the foot powder fungus can dry it up if you can’t separate. Last year I let 1 moldy egg just incubate with the rest of the clutch, I monitored it of course but it never spread even a little to the healthy ones. Double check temps, humidity, and stability of your incubator for safety though. Check out my clutch pic.


In my opinion you should always separate moldy eggs due to the additional heat produced by eggs that have died and are decomposing.


Good point. @ballornothing never thought of any effect on heat. Mine didn’t seem to fluctuate, but it was a smaller clutch and I can see the benefit for sure!


It makes it a little hard as I have to be away from my incubator, I’m only at the house 1-2 days a week. I’ll be there later this week, hopefully it won’t have spread or caused any other issues by then.

I leave my moldy eggs alone and haven’t had any issues in 15 years. Mold will not spread to healthy eggs. I don’t separate my eggs and trying to pull apart a nasty egg and accidentally busting it open seems like a bigger problem to me. I personally wouldn’t worry about it. Good luck with the rest of the clutch!


The only moldy eggs I’ve encountered are ones I’ve separated and candled that showed to have subpar veins. When they went moldy they were easy to remove. With eggs stuck together I have no direct experience but I’ve seen Justin Kobylka state in one of his videos that moldy eggs have no ill effect on the good eggs in his experience so it’s probably unlikely they would cause an issue. The bad eggs I have pulled do tend to stink so for that reason alone I’d rather pull them out but if they’re stuck together no big deal if they’re left in.

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This lol although leaving the bad egg won’t hurt anything bad eggs smell absolutely terrible. If you live with ANYONE I guarantee you will eventually pull the bad egg lol.

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Oh the smell is there already lol. But only as soon as I open the incubator. We’ll be back home in a week, so I’ll probably try to separate it then lol

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