Egg Hatching Timelapse

Here are a few timelapse videos I made of some eggs hatching. One is a super pastel het pied X het pied clutch, the other is a pewter x pastave clutch. Be aware the music is a bit annoying and loud.


That is awesome! what does the setup for this look like?

I use a large tub not 100% sure on size. The gopro is mounted to the inside of the lid facing down. I use the sticky mounts. I then run a cord from the gopro to an power outlet I have in the incubator. Thats about it… A few days away from hatching. I pull the eggs from their egg box and put them in this tub with the repti chip. At first I start taking a picture about every 5 minutes or so. Once I see that one has slit I speed that up to about once every 5 to 10 seconds. You need a pretty large sd card, but because Im taking pictures, the card doesnt have to be super high end and fast. Some gopro cameras cant use the 128gb cards some can.

About every 12 hours or so. Id pause the recording pop out the memory card and take the images off the card. Making sure to not move the camera. You want to be able to put the camera back in the exact same spot. Make sure you keep the pictures organized. It makes putting them together in a video a whole lot easier. The pastel piebald clutch was shot over a period of 5 days and over 33,000 images. I then put them all together in either the old gopro studio software, or adobe premiere pro.

Because of the type of mount I used, and the angle I mounted the camera. It allows me to leave the camera on the lid not moving the camera. There are some jumps in the footage. That was from when I paused it and removed the card. I export my final videos at 30fps. So thats 30 images for once second of video. You can practice shooting other things. A bowl of ice melting or something, to test out your camera settings. That way you are ready to go when the eggs are ready to hatch.


Very cool videos and thank you for sharing all the info about your video setup too!

Great idea. At some points the music goes with their movement. Nice!

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This is very cool! Thanks for sharing.

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