Egyptian falsey

Hey everyone, we were given an Egyptian false cobra that recently sired a clutch and has gone off food. I’ve tried most tricks I can think of to get him back on food but my experience with this species is limited. Anyone have any ideas? I’ve tried F/T and live of all sizes, scenting his food, etc etc. any advice would be much appreciated.

What scents have you tried? Have you tried chicks/chick down?

I have a friend that has worked with these, I will check with them (however, I cannot access FB while at work so you may have to wait a bit)


All good, I appreciate it. Only thing I haven’t tried is chick down, we don’t have a ton available to us currently but I’ve tried the best chick alternatives available to me. I’ll probably drive out to a farm in PA and get a few chicks and see what I can make happen.

Spoke with my friend and I was mistaken, they have not worked with these they just have a bunch of friends that have. Something that was mentioned was that many of these come in with a gnarly form of stomatitis that can lay around a bit before flaring up. So you might want to consider a vet trip if the animal is declining in any way.

Aside from that, I know you said you have tried “most of the tricks” but can you tell me specifically what you have tried? I am asking because “most” for you might not align with “most” for me so seeing your complete list might help me better point you in a direction