Elemental Exotic's 2020 Corn snake pairings

One of my corn couples we are hoping for eggs from this year. I’ll post updates on all of them in this thread.

Brin, female Anery Hypo Diffused. No known hets.
And Warric, male Anery Zagtec het motley or stripe, Charcoal, Dilute and Amel.


All the luck!!! What do you expect the babies to look like?

Basically testing Brin for any unknown hets in common. All babies will be Anery at the least. Warric is a widestriped zagtec, which is not a simple recessive single gene with predictable inheritance but does have the potential to influence his offsprings patterns.

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Our other possible pairings this year are:
Warric again, male Anery Zagtec het motley or stripe, Charcoal, Dilute and Amel.

to Persephone, Tessera Charcoal Hypo, het Amel, phet Stripe & Anery (poss homo Tess) a repeat pairing. Their first clutch had especially pretty babies!

Then Alric, Motley/Stripe Tessera het Amel, Caramel phet Cinder, Anery A, Hypo & Diffused.

To both Gwen, Amel Cinder Tessera phet Hypo and Diffused (Wonder if Caramel is there too?) She is impossible to photograph!

And Thrace, Caramel Tessera het Motley, phet Amel.

Hadrian, Tessera Amel het Cinder, phet Hypo & Diffused.

To Vixen, Diffused, het Anery, Hypo, phet Amel, Caramel, & Lavender.

Max, Homo Tessera het Caramel, phet Amel.

To Suri, Tessera Caramel Sunkissed no known hets.

Possibly one or two others but not sure about them yet.


Those tesseras are super nice! Good luck!

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Turns out Warric is going to get triple duty this year, busy boy! Would not have paired him to Brin if I’d known about this ahead of time but oh well. Hopefully we get decent fertility this year anyway.
A friend is sending me her mystery girl, Tarot, for a potentially long term breeding loan/project, working on continuing the Zagtec line breeding. And the large breeder she got her from gave her a big discount on Tarot, because he lost her note card and has no idea what she is anymore, so Warric was one of the better males her owner could find to work with the aberrant patterns and test for a lot of hets.

So, here is Tarot in all her blue glory. Pics courtesy of owner, Skye Pony.


Man I wish I could find a good source of rodents near me because aside from wanting an Uromastyx lizard the Corn snake is the other reptile I want most. (Snake wise Im not into pythons or boas so…corns it is).

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They are great snakes! We currently have 13 species but we have a lot more corns than any of the others.

Are you located anywhere you can order in bulk? Corns are generally great at taking F/T, so buying frozen feeders is generally feasible and usually cheaper than the chain pet stores, even with the pricey shipping.


@elementalexotics Im in Toronto Canada and dunno anywhere where I could buy decent rodents in bulk. Otherwise Id buy a lil mini fridge/freezer to store the rodents and would probably have a corn snake by now. The rodent thing is a major reason why I decided to go for a Uromastyx geyri lizard instead. If they need food randomly I can just hit the 24 hr grocery store for some greens. Kinda like when I randomly notice dog food getting low I go grab more real quick since its 24 hr. For me its basically colubrids or venomous and I cant have venomous so corns it is…to start out anyway. Last expo I went to I saw a nice friendly smiley rope. It was just hanging out with its owner looking cute and getting a lot of attention. I cant remember if it was a corn or a different colubrid though.


Tarot arrived this morning. Her owner took some great pre-shipping pics, much better than the ones I got at unboxing, so I’ll share those too.

Then un-bagging her a few hours ago.


Finally!!! We have our first snake clutch on the ground! The girls are being very laggard this year…

But this one should be well worth the wait, one of the corn clutches I was most looking forward to, out of Gwen, Amel Cinder Tessera phet Hypo and Diffused (wonder if Caramel is there too?) paired to Alric, Motley/Stripe Tessera het Amel, Caramel phet Cinder, Anery A, Hypo & Diffused.

Clutch was 13 eggs in total, 2 obvious slugs and a third more than likely a slug but in the incubator anyway because it does have a few veins.


Didn’t take pics of the eggs but Brin and Thrace finally laid eggs two days ago!
Brin laid 11 and Thrace 10, gives us 31 corn snake eggs at the moment, counting Gwen’s clutch.

I’m fairly sure Tarot is currently in her pre-lay shed, so hopefully some eggs from her soon too.


Tarot laid 12 eggs today! She was paired with Warric.


The Gwen and Alric clutch started pipping last night. One baby out this morning and most of the eggs have pipped now.


I’ve fallen behind updating this thread. So here are the two other that emerged yesterday. We’ve managed to prove out some poss hets on both sides, so very happy about that!

Diffused Amel Tessera.

And a baby pile out this morning.

Individual pics.


Another Peppernint Tessera out.

Another Amel Tessera out.

And it looks like our last pip is a Peppermint something.


Last pip was another Peppermint Tessera. Can’t complain about our odds on the Tessera and especially the Amel.

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Our last corn clutch of the year, from Warric and Tarot has started to hatch. One baby out this morning and one pip. Both pretty little Classics.


They all look so cute! What did the others happen to be? Where there any surprises?

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