Elemental Exotic's 2021 hopeful corn pairings

Our 2021 hopeful corn snake pairings.

Warric, Anery Zagtec het motley/stripe, Charcoal, Dilute and Amel to both Tarot, aberrant het Amel on loan from Skye Pony Reptiles and our own Brin, Ghost Bloodred.

Alric, Motley/Stripe Tessera het Amel, Caramel, Diffused, Cinder, Hypo, phet Anery A to Gwen, Amel Cinder Tessera het Hypo and Diffused.

Oops! Had the wrong picture there. Edited to fix.

Penric, Sunkissed het Scaleless, poss het Amel and Caramel to both Ista, Anery A Diffused het Hypo, poss het Scaleless. Not a great match up but fingers and toes crossed for a match on the Scaleless! And Suri, Tessera Caramel Sunkissed no known hets. I’m looking forward to this one too!

TBD Caramel het Amel, Scaleless and Stripe to TBD Butter het Motley, ph Scaleless. Another chance for Scaleless, here’s hoping Murphy is kind with the poss hets!

Hadrian, Tessera Amel het Cinder, phet Hypo & Diffused, to TBD Amel Stripe het Caramel and Cinder.

Badger, Tessera Charcoal het Diffused, phet Anery to Persephone, Tessera Charcoal Hypo, het Amel, phet Stripe & Anery (poss homo Tess)

Viper, Tessera Diffused het Anery, Hypo, phet Amel, Caramel, & Lavender to Vixen, Diffused, het Anery, Hypo, phet Amel, Caramel, & Lavender.

Max, Homo Tessera het Caramel, phet Amel to Thrace, Caramel Tessera het Motley, phet Amel.


Those are some really nice pairings! Your charcoal tessera has wonderful contrast!


There we go, fixed the pic of Gwen. My internet kept going out while I was trying to construct this post, ugh.


Good these photos are making me love corn snake more and more! I love your tesseras, stripes, and diffusions! Crazy pattern and colors! I think I’ve found my corn snake morphs to obsess over :heart_eyes: