Elemental Exotic's first Western Hognose clutch!

Been waiting forever for these! First clutch is from Sam, our female Albino to Zeke, our Anaconda. If we are incredibly lucky, Zeke will prove het Albino as well.

And the proud papa.


Awesome! congrats on your new hoggie babies. Looking for to the hatching pics :smiley: :smiley:

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Congrats! Those eggs look great too

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Unfortunately it looks like the female in my other hog pairing reabsorbed her eggs. But Sam just laid a second clutch of 10, one obvious slug and two with minimal veins but 7 really pretty ones.

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There is a window in one of the eggs and the other day I could see a bit of the baby through it, so tried for some pics.

And today they have started to hatch! Three pips so far. I might have squealed just a little bit seeing those cute noses…


And our first baby is all the way out! A very pretty little Anaconda, 99% sure male. Super happy!

I want to keep a male Anaconda out of this clutch and looks like we already have at least one!

Also looks like one of the other pips is likely an Anaconda as well.


All the original pips are out, 2 Anaconda, 1 normal.

And we have 6 more pips this morning, at least 1 normal and I think 2 Anaconda.


Well, dang it! LOL. Two Anacondas were all the way out this morning, including one I am very taken with and was thinking about possibly keeping if it was a boy but it is a very obvious girl. :frowning:
As a good thing, though, all of the rest out so far looked like boys to me and were making me doubt myself but with a girl to compare to, I’m much more confident in those being boys.
All but 2 eggs have now pipped.


ZxS52820-11. Female normal.


#6, Anaconda. Need to get some newer pics of some of these!