Elemental Exotic's late 2019 KSB litter

Gotta love those slow to start kids. This little one, #8, was born on Dec. 1st of 2019 in a litter of 8 and just finally ate her third meal, second consecutive. All the rest started way easier. Only taking live so far but can’t complain as long as she eats, lol. Will want several more meals on board before considering her established but thought since she’s finally starting to eat, she deserved a photo shoot today.

Next to her established sister, #3, for contrast.


What a beautiful snake. Glad to see it’s on its way :blush:

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I have an adult thats on strike right now for over a month (though he’s still in good condition). How do you typically get them to eat?

My adult male goes on strike sometimes. Usually I just let him. But if I’m getting worried about it, I’ll give him a live. He normally takes F/T but a live usually gets him going again.

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Not to high jack this thread (and feel free to ignore me)

Live isn’t possible for me to get. My dude is very very active (literally trying to climb the walls of his enclosure) and still seems to be in decent body condition. Something like 110 grams (don’t have his weight in front of me). It’s been almost two months and I’ve been told he’s in breeding mode? This is the Pic my girlfriend got last night showing me his condition body wise.

Yeah, it’s pretty common for them to do that when they want to breed. Just keep an eye on his weight and body condition. In a normal fast, he should retain muscle and only lose a few grams a month. If they stop eating and then lose weight really fast, that generally means their is an underlying medical issue that needs looked at.

Pretty looking boy!

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It occurred to me that I should post the rest of the babies.

CxC21119-1, female albino.

CxC12119-2 male Albino.

CxC12119-3 female Albino.

CxC21119-4, female Snow.

CxC12119-5, male Snow.

CxC12119-6, male Snow.

CxC12119-7, male Snow.

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Thanks for the info. Its stuff I already knew but puts some peace of mind.

Also those snow babies are amazing looking!! Do they tend to run as pink as they look even as adults?

They generally seem to be white and tan/yellowish as adults.

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