Emerald tree boas

It recently became realistic for me to get one of my dream snakes which Is and emerald tree boa I know they are pretty difficult to keep but from what I’ve reached so far they need a mid 80s basking spot with lots of space to climb and 70-80% humidity I plan to keep it in a 24x24in cube as a baby and then move it into a 4ft long by 2 ft deep by 3ft tall does anyone have any advise that i should know I’m trying to do as much research as possible but there’s only so many things out there on them if you have any papers or books or anything related to them I would also
Like those recommendations


I always thought these guys were so beautiful and amazing but i heard they can be quite temperamental. I hope you enjoy your new baby, we definitely want pictures!


Only this, which you may have already seen.
My favorite easy way to find papers is to hit Wikipedia, find the ETB article, then look at the sourced papers, articles and websites. Maybe there’s some good studies on natural behaviors or analysis of wild/natural diets, and that sort of thing.

Edit: Also, here’s Kevin McCurley of NERD, who is very experienced and knowledgable, talking about arboreal snakes. And Dāv Kaufman, who travels to examine how wild specimens live and behave, seems to have an ETB video too. Now I gotta watch them


They’re truly a beautiful species. A lot of issues with keeping them come from the collection and shipping of the animal, they stress very easily. I hope you aquire your dream emerald! Watch out for those teeth. Here’s a picture of me helping my friend medicate his emerald.


(Oh gosh it’s like pilling a cat! “NUUUUU DUN WANNA GGGHHH BLAH!!” )

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I am also hoping to finally acquire an Emerald for my collection. Dream snake for sure. If I can keep my Blood python & Haitian boa well…which I do…I figure Im ready…to get get bit…maybe…lol.

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