EMG Ball Pythons

Hi everyone!
Recently I’ve been learning about the EMG gene with Ball Pythons (established by NERD of course) and was wondering if anyone has one! Curious what exactly defines the morph, and if anyone on morph has photos of adults or babies with it.

Thank you!

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If no one that’s on here has the gene, who do you suppose was going to answer?

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Well. I guess that never popped into my head. I think i better be like 90 percent of the members on this site and just keep my thoughts to myself.

We welcome all productive and constructive thoughts/conversations.

We are not particularly keen on flagrant snark or sardonicism or insults


We own an EMG as he’s been selling them but hasn’t spoken much on what the gene actually does.
I went to visit NERD and picked it up from Kevin as we have a mutual friend.
I don’t watch all NERD content so I wasn’t sure if he ever revealed any other info in his videos about the gene I wasn’t aware of.

Attached is a photo of our EMG


Thank you very much. Recent post and exactly what I’m looking for. I really appreciate it


That’s ok!
I was looking on YouTube too and I can’t see anything on there, but ‘new gene’ videos come up when looking to maybe he’s put it in one of those :grin:

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I’m going to see if anyone has produced a black pastel emg…