Emory rat snake, odd laying behavior

So I’m trying my hand at Emory rat snakes for the first time, I figured it was pretty straightforward as with most colubrids and for the most part I was right. What is puzzling me is that I saw the eggs form, the female got nice and lumpy, all as expected, but about 2-3 days ago she became very restless and started dropping an egg here and there in her bin. All different spots, 3 good eggs, was weird but fine. After that she entered her lay box and today I believe would be day three without dropping the rest which is concerning me. She isn’t per say, lethargic, just spending most of her time in there. I untrasounded her tonight and see that she still has about 6-7 eggs in her, still somewhat swollen but not as lumpy looking at first glance.
I am worried because of the whole “if they don’t drop them all in 24 hours, you have to palpate the eggs out” but I’m also being told by other breeders of this species that sometimes they will just drop a few eggs and wait a few more days, to make room for the others to come out. I am not quite sure which direction to go at this point. Any advice would be appreciated.


I have had corn snakes lay a few outside the lay box and then the rest in. Also had them lay all outside the lay box, in the water dish once, and spread about the enclosure on occasion. All around a day or so though. I would try to leave her alone for 1 more day, then check her to see if she finished, but she could be egg bound. She still has 6-7 eggs in her and can’t lay, you might have to get them removed. I suggest a breeder with experience in trying to manually get them out or a reptile vet which probably will result in surgery to remove them. Give her a undisturbed day, make sure the temps and humidity are good in your enclosure and hope she lays. Good luck!