Enabling Notifications! 🔔

So with the increase in users lately thanks in part to the Relief Fund Auctions it is probably a good time to show you how to enable notifications.

You can enable notifications by clicking your profile picture in the top right and clicking the little user icon…

From there, select “Preferences”…


And you will be taken to this page…

Clicking “Notifications” will bring you to the settings you are after.


If anyone has any questions like this send them my way, it helps us all help future users!


I believe there is also an element related to native notifications, which be possible on everything except iOS (iPhone) – and :crossed_fingers: Apple will begin supporting this.

I believe this is like the app install – the browser will prompt you on your 2nd visit or so, if you want to enable (native) notifications).

Otherwise, those settings may only control the numbers that show up on the hamburger menu and avatar.