Enchi Pastel Super Mystic

I love working with Super Mystic combinations because they still keep some pattern. I have been trying to stay away from mixing Pastel into my combinations, but Pastel really worked well in this combination (she is around 1,200 grams in this picture).

Here is a picture of all the Super Mystic combinations that I produced in 2017.


That really kicks it up a notch. I’m hoping to hatch some Enchi mystics soon, possibly with pastel. Now I know what I’ll be pairing them to once they are ready.

Thanks. I am currently pairing a male Super Pastel GHI Mojave het Hypo to my breeder female Pastel Enchi Mystic, so I should have some cool Mystic Potion combinations this summer.

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The female Pastel Enchi Mystic is currently laying. She has 6 eggs out so far. I’ll update with a picture when she is done laying!

Here is the Pastel Enchi Mystic on a clutch of 8 eggs.