Enclosure Build

Just wanted to share the progress on the enclosure I’ve been making for the White Lip when she gets older.

All oak and 1/4” thick glass. Gonna be sealed top to bottom with poly. Radiant heat panels, cooling fans and an auto humidity system. Still gotta do a lot of work on it but it’s getting there!!

After this one is done I’ll be starting on two stackable, yet still ornate, ones for the Normal Ball and the Milksnake.




Looks like it’ll be a fine display cage. I look forward to seeing updates.


Question: How did you mount the glass?

I have been thinking of trying to knock together something like this for my bredli but I have no clue of a good way to put the glass in securely

I’m not sure how @pmarshall87 did this, but when I made my boa enclosures I used floor beading on either side of the glass.

I cut a slot with the table saw, just ran it through a couple times to make it wide enough. The frame around the glass has tounge and groove around it then glued up with the glass in it.

Kinda like an old school window sash.

I’ll take some up close pics when I get outside today.

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Here’s some close ups of the corners.


I’m really impressed with the quality of this :ok_hand:

I’m hoping to get into making enclosures and going to expos to sell them :D. When I have some spare time (haha, what’s that?!)

Do you guys think there is a market for things like these at expos?

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I definitely think there is a need for that type of display enclosure at expos. I go to Tinley each year and the surrounding expos around MN. I rarely see enclosures like that, and if you proved them right, I doubt they would take long to sell.
That’s really nice work, I know I’ve wanted an enclosure like that for awhile, but my grandfathers carpentry skills didn’t pass to either my father or myself lol.


Would you think “standard sizes” would be the best way to go? Like “this one is ball python sized” kinda thing.

I’ve only been to the show in Bloomington twice now. But it was fun. Where are there more around the area?

I think so. Standard size enclosure that mimics others in the hobby is what I would shoot for. But tall enclosures of this kind are harder to find, so I would definitely make them like that where you have vertical space compared to horizontal. A lot of those enclosures are needed for retics, carpets and even rat snakes.

There is one in Eau Claire WI, Hudson MN, Iowa, Chicago and Kansas City. Cold blooded expos are the ones I really enjoy going to, but Tinley in Illinois is my favorite. I haven’t been to any this year, and don’t plan to go until this pandemic clears up.

The 2 shows in Eau Claire and Hudson are more exotic pet expos. But they still have a good variety of reptiles at those shows.