Enclosure Critique

I recently got a new ball python yesterday and I set him up in a decently sized tank. I just wanted to get some opinions on my tank and hope that this’ll make him happy for the time being.

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seems suitable if he is not full grown or near full grown but my one critique would be the substrate because I couldn’t imagine that the substate in the pic holds humidity all that well but if you have a humid hide then i suppose it could work. Overall it seems sufficient and you should be able to house a small juvenile for about a year or slightly more in that size enclosure.

The true judge of your setup will be your snake, it will either work for him or it won’t.

Now my main concern would be the nostril in the skull I can see the potential for your snake to get his head stuck in those, because if there is a hole a snake will try to squizz in it. Second concern the climbing structure in the middle could fall on your BP, remember they are strong.

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Spending where they live they might be fine. It’s so humid here I think I have to either switch to paper towels or get a dehumidifier myself

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I don’t see any thermometer gauges or temp probes in the picture? So on that note, I would suggest to make sure you are monitoring your temps and humidity on both sides correctly, giving proper gradients for your snake to move to. Maybe shift your lighting/heat towards one end more specifically as well. :grin:

Also, it looks like a cord is running under your tank? if you are using a UTH, make sure you have a reliable thermostat hooked up to it.

oh i have a temp gun! maybe i should have mentioned that haha ^^::