Enclosure Ideas?!

Specifically talking about bull snakes here, but what is the most recommended size of enclosure for a full grown bull snake. I’m looking to have it be a display so I can look at him easy during the day and make sure he has plenty of room to wiggle. I know to start with a smaller enclosure while it’s a baby, just to make it easier and feel more secure, but I am wondering what you experts here think is a perfect size and also where you reccomend getting an enclosure. The only thing I have big enough to support a large enclosure is my coffee table that is 5ft x 2.5ft.

a 4x2 PVC cage like the animal plastic’s T10 will make a great cage for a bull snake

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Thank you, I was hoping so.

I kept my adult female in a 4’x2’x18" neodesha enclosure with radiant heat panel for heat. She did wonderfully in this setup.

Okay thank you. We were thinking about getting one of the custom reptile habitat PVC enclosures 48x24x24.

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please send pic of it set up :+1: :smile:

I will when I get it. We are going to start with a smaller enclosure first while the baby is smaller and then upgrade once it gets bigger. I’ll keep you guys updated.

That is awesome, I just found out at my T10 from AP is going to take 14-20 weeks to shipped because of the COV-19. Which I understand.

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I got an enclosure from AP and it took about 3 months and it was not during covid…they sell nice enclosures but the wait time is very long.


Thank you and we hope that you did :slight_smile: