Enclosure inspiration for king snakes

So hubby has finally given me the go ahead to fully redo our 2 king snake enclosures. I plan to go all out :crossed_fingers:

It will likely be a viv rather than glass enclosure (that’s what we have sun atm).

I have an idea as to what I might do but was wondering if anyone has any suggestions that their king snakes seem to like. Or something you might be proud of!

I want to keep plants to a minimal as low lighting.

Pics welcome :grin:

Thanks in advance


Okay so I don’t have any suggestions (mine is still tiny so I havent set up his subadult/adult enclosure yet) but one of my favorite things to do is look on iNaturalist at the animal’s natural range. You can select a state/region they’re native in and pull up photos people have taken of them in the wild so you can see what kind of substrate, rocks, trees, etc. are around.