Enclosure sizing(can big work for juvi)

So I have started looking for an enclosure at local shops. Most say(and what I have read) to start with a smaller enclosure and when the snake grows, grow the enclosure.

However, one shop has told me that I can get away with an adult size(4x2x2) if I load it with clutter and hiding spots. I like this idea as it will save money(I don’t intend to get a second or any smaller reptiles/pets).

Can it work without causing any major issues?


If done properly, yes, you can house a smaller animal in a larger enclosure. You will need to provide numerous hides of the appropriate size (that you will have to change out as the animal outgrows them). You will also need to pay attention to your temperatures and humidity a bit better than you might with an adult. Many people find it too difficult to accomplish all of that but if you are the detail-oriented sort then it should be fine. I successfully reared a half dozen ball pythons from babies to adults in 40g-55g tanks


Everything mentioned above is perfect, however it is also harder to monitor the snake because you won’t be able to see it as well.

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Ok, I think I will try it and if I run into issues, I will downsize. Will need the larger enclosure at some point anyway. Maybe I will put a divider in and cut the enclosure in half. Humidity shouldn’t be a big concern, 40-60% is the average range here in the PNW

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So I think I’m going to pull the trigger and buy tomorrow. I did kind of get the idea of “what other animals may I get that could live in a smaller enclosure?” If I was to go that route.

Are there any other small reptiles or any other small pets that are fun to watch that interact with each other more than just crawling over? (potentially a pair or 3 or 4. I.E. animals that will play together

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Red-eyed crocodile skinks are cool. They look awesome and if you have a male and female pair they will take care of the offspring.

Day, micro, and mourning geckos do well in colonies (no more than one male per cage when it comes to day and micro geckos). PDFs/Mantellas are good communally as well. Depending on your definition of “small” garter snakes do well when housed together, as do some of the ringneck species