Enclosures for colubrids

For you smaller breeders, what enclosures have you been using for your Colubrids? Something besides the tubs.
There a company out there maybe not too well known you have been happy with?


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Not quite a breeder yet, but I keep my adults in either 4x2x1 (AP T8s) or 3x2x1 (my own homemade enclosures or the AP version). I have a pair of hondurans and cali kings I’ll be breeding in the future.


Rock on, you been happy with the animal plastics? looks like they have a little sale going on now for those enclosures.

Definitely their enclosures are top notch, the only thing that sucks is the wait time to get them, haha. Right now I have a rack, two 6 foot enclosures, and three 3 foot enclosures on order from the spring time and I might be lucky if I get them all in December.

I keep all my breeder corn snakes in zoo med or zilla tanks.