Enclosures for KSB

I have a little Kenyan Sand Boa who is just about a year old and has outgrown his starter tub.
What are some recommendations for specific enclosures that work well, or at least sizes/general setups? We’re pretty sure we have a male, so he will stay fairly small, but he needs something bigger than his shoebox since he’s grown a lot.

Not against going bioactive but it would be my first time doing so and I don’t think I have the right type of isopods for a drier environment.

Here’s a picture since he’s just so cute:


I would recommend a 12qt or 16qt secure tub. it is a cheap option until he is ready for a 20 gallon tank (dubia.com sells 24x18x12 inch enclosures that will work very well for him when he is full grown).

if you do end up going bio, I have heard powder blue, powder orange, and giant canyon isopods work well with arid setups

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He is adorable! What is this little guy’s name? I agree with @logar as far as the next step. You might even decide to keep him in a tub permanently since sand boas stay buried for the most part anyway?

I will probably get some flack for that last statement though! :joy::snake:. He truly is really adorable! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@logar - thanks for the suggestion! Do you think it would be best to wait to put him in a larger “forever home” now or should I wait until he gets a bit bigger?
Also, I’ve been wanting some giant canyon isopods anyway, how convenient, haha.

@caron - thanks! His full name is MooMooCowCow but we just call him Moo, haha. My husband spoils the little guy (which is fair) so he wants to get him a “proper house” but the bin option could work, too! He is buried most of the time, but if he realizes we’re in the room he comes out and just stares at us.


I can certainly see where that sweet little guy gets his name! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That’s totally a “wow” that he actually comes out from under to check you guys out! :sunglasses: It’s almost imperative that his “big boy” enclosure be one that he can continue to “eyeball” his keepers! Sounds like you’ve got a little social butterfly :butterfly: on your hands! :snake::heart:

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Yes, it would be perfectly fine to put him in his full sized enclosure now. Make sure to have a deep substrate layer and go completely overboard with decor. I would say 5+ hides, lots of branches (most KSBs will actually spend a decent bit of time climbing), and lots of plants so he feels very secure. everything should be fine but have a backup smaller enclosure setup just in case he decides that his forever enclosure doesn’t meet his standards.

It will make things slightly harder until he is bigger because finding him may be difficult, whether it is for a handling session or for feeding it could be a challenge. but you said he comes out when you enter the room so it seems he may be less difficult then others.

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