End of 2020 Market Newsletter

We just sent out our end of 2020 newsletter which contains the Store Policy update (that we blogged about a few weeks ago) as well as a summary of other updates.

Read the Newsletter Here.

As a side note, we are now running a more active social media offense. You will see some of your ROTM/BPOTM posts going out into our channels. :wink:


Yes, I saw my girl Lucy posted on the MorphMarket social media pages and was really surprised and happy to see it! Excited to see all of the new changes and updates coming to MM :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:snowflake::snowflake: Happy holidays to everyone from the whole Eagle family :snowflake::snowflake:

Thank you all for being amazing people and I hope the last few days of the year bring twice as much joy as the first few did. Stay safe and make sure your tucked up in bed by 10pm latest :wink::sled::bell: