End-of-Auction Instructions

End-of-Auction Instructions

Please DO Not send money until we have commented on and tagged you as the winning bidder.

Auctions run until 9pm Central Standard Time but are subject to Overtime. If no bids are placed from 8:55 to 9pm, the auction ends. If someone bids within that last five minutes, the 5 minute timer is reset until there are no bids.

When you are tagged as the winner, you can send your payment to Kellagood711@gmail.com (as Friends and Family, NOT Goods and Services, please) and post the screenshot on the auction. You then can contact the seller of the item via email to arrange and pay for shipping (each auction will be different in this regard).

If possible, please mention who donated the item you are paying for, or what the item was to help us keep track of things more easily!