End-of-life care for an old crested gecko

My very first crested gecko, Megalosaurus, is approaching her 8th birthday, and I have begun thinking about what end-of-life care will be like for her. For those of you who have had a gecko die of old age, I have a few questions:

  1. How old was your gecko when it died?
  2. Did you see any signs of deteriorating health before it died, or was it sudden?
  3. Did you do/recommend any sort of end-of-life care for it, or did you just let it happen naturally?

I’d appreciate any input–thank you!

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8 is not old for a crested gecko. It should live at least twice that long or longer.


I agree with @westridge with regards to age. It’s my understanding that cresties can make it to their 20s. (If I am wrong someone please correct me.)

For reference, I have many elderly leopard geckos turning 18 this year, and my herp vet has indicated that it would be ok to give a tiny bit of the joint supplements you would use in mammal pets, though there is almost no evidence for or against available to reference for reptile patients. Specific product mentioned was Glycoflex. However, leos & cresties have very different dietary needs, so it’d be best to check with your herp vet, especially with regards to dosing. Doubly so if your supplement has omega 3 FA, which can be overdosed in mammals (I do not know in reptiles).

Edit: when it comes to my geckos, I never purposefully let them suffer. When they have poor quality of life, either from age or a health condition that cannot be treated, I always take them in to be euthanized. Do not take your reptiles to a dog/cat vet for euthanasia, you are likely to have issues. Take it from a dog/cat vet that it’s always better to go to an exotics vet with your exotics.


Why do you say this? Do you think it’s just because of her age, if so then you won’t have to worry about this for a while. However if there are effects or problems that you are noticing then that’s a different solution, the info that @mblaney gave was great but depending on why you think she might be reaching the end of her life it’s most likely not necessary. Based on what you said in the title I think your gecko still has a nice long life ahead of her.


I keep crested geckos (baby super Dalmatian hatching as I type) as well as leopard geckos and both species are very long lived. 8 years is nothing. You have a long time still with your gecko!


I have an 11 year old leachie who’s as spry (clumsy) as she was at 6 months old :roll_eyes: I think if you continue caring for her the way that you have been, you should expect at least another 8+ years with her


Thanks for all the input! I had it in my mind that they only lived until 8-10 years old, for some reason. She is showing no signs of issues and is still vigorous and active, and she actually gained 5g this year, so I will look forward to having a lot more time with her. She’s a beautiful pink patternless.


Love that picture!


Go, Megalosaurus, go! She’s a beaut!