Ever seen Hypo Luwak? Check it

Ever seen Hypo Luwak?

Here is a transparent Luwak. From the time he was born, he had pastel-toned skin and transparency, and as he grew up, the transparency became more and more clear. currently watching his growth and verifying it as his parent. I will say it is poss hypo until confirmed. Visit my Instagram and watch the growth of Hypo Luwak.

Click to check Video Hypo Luwak


Luwak is Sable and Cappuccino, correct?
He looks great! Do they have any of the problems that Super capps have been known to have?

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Luwak is Combo Sable & Capp.
Since Luwak is not a super form, there are no genetic problems and its fertility has also been verified.

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Cool! He’s super neat. It’ll be interesting to see different Allelic-esque combos pop up in cresties as we continue to learn more about how the genes work and new morphs popping up.

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Do you have any adults? Just wondering cause as far as i know, nothing about their health has been confirmed yet, and i haven’t been able to find any adults at all! Would love some more info, it would be great if something other than the het forms of that complex is able to thrive! :blush:

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Also not seen any adults or proven
Breeders yet. It’s only recently been produced I think… I call them mourning geckos, the look like them I think, back patterning and all :rofl:

Has yours got one eye bigger than the other or is it the angle? :thinking: