Exclude Traits in Search Filter [Solved]

When searching for a specific gene, I think having an “exact results” option would be nice. Like if I want to see all Cinnamon Ball pythons WITHOUT any other genes, you could click “exact results” or something along those lines to narrow your search down to one gene and one gene only. And this could work for all animals, not just Ball Pythons. I like to narrow my searches down like this so I can see exactly what a specific gene or gene combo has been selling for. You can exclude genes in the search, which is nice, but with so many animals and genes to sort through, it can take a long time to narrow down a search to something specific AND a lot of times, the more exclusions you add, the harder the server has to work on your search and eventually ends up crashing and bringing up the “overrun” page.

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There is already an option to change how many genes you want to include.


They ability to select only one gene animals already meets that need. Maybe it’s a little inconvenient but it works just fine.

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It’s already set up that way. The reason it doesn’t work correctly is because too many sellers manipulate the way their search results come up by intentionally listing hets as visuals, listing 3-4-5 gene animals as only one gene then listing the rest under the description, etc.

Until everyone starts reporting misleading ads and sellers come back into line with their listings additional features would be a waste.


I honestly never thought about changing the number of genes before :man_facepalming:t3: that basically does what I’m trying to achieve lol still doesn’t fix the folks who don’t list the Genetics properly on their ads, but I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Thanks!

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Flag them for us as you catch them Chris!.. all of 'em
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Let us know why you think they are wrong and if we agree we will get them sorted.


I should have spent a day on this when I was down with covid :joy: It’s a serious pet peeve. Someone finally creates the reptile marketplace we all want, and the users treat it like it’s kingsnake anyway.

Definitely flag those ads for us to review. Thanks!