Exo Terra Incubator Pro + Ball Pythons

Afternoon all!
Ive bought the Exo Terra Incubator Pro recently and im struggling to find and Egg Box that will fit inside and that will fit BP eggs in. As this incubator maintains humidity as well as temp, would it be ok to put the eggs on the foam base or use a ‘shelf’ (like people use inside egg boxes) during incubation?

Thank you all for your help!

Ps - ive measured inside and i could fit two 39x17x12cm boxes inside and that wouldnt interfere with the humidifyer or the sensors.


ive used it for corn snake eggs and it worked completely fine! I used something the size of a lunch box on the foam and everything was fine for me. And welcome to the community!


Thanks mate.
Did you seal the lunchbox? And did you use incubator substrate in the lunchbox?
Thanks for getting back :slight_smile:


Yes I used vermiculite and the lunchbox was a clip one.