Exotic pet expos

So in your opinion what makes a venue good, fun and memorable to where you want to come back?


I don’t want to see a show that is 90% BPs and Retics, because that’s not what I’m interested in. I also want to see as little as possible exploitation of WC, garbage quality animals. Medium-large sized shows are what I look for, where I there is plenty of stuff but I can see it all in a few hours. I rarely see locality rosy boas or boa constrictors and would like to see more. I would also like to see more really high-end KSBs, usually it’s just the basic stuff. I have been pleased to see a ton more isopod availability in the last few years.


I am curious… What would be considered small, medium, and large sized shows? I have only been to one local show (a few times) here in the Detroit area, so I have no basis to judge if it was one “size” or another.

And, like @westridge, I am not shopping for a BP. I do recognize that most folks are, so I understand the show would not exist without them. But, more colubrids and turtles would take my money!


Agreed, anything under 80% BP is a good show :rofl: Most other species I’ve no interest in acquiring but it’s neat to see what other people are into and to learn about new things


The last expo i went to is what I consider to be a really well rounded show for something more local. Although most vendors had bps, it was pretty diverse! i saw LOTS of cresties, but i also saw a few vendors axolotl, tarantulas, isopods, and even “pet quality”(not feeder) rabbits.

i wish i saw more kings, corns, and other boa and colubrid species. I went for bps and kenyan sand boas, and just came back with more cresties(and i let my boyfriend pick a leo out)

im going to be at the narbc(schamburg) expo in july and im really hoping to find a few more “niche” species to bring home.


I am looking into starting one and I’m getting ideas of what people like and want.


As many different things as possible, try to find vendors that will have many different animal species. My favorite expo has everything from pythons, colubrids, lizards, and geckos to things like hedgehogs and sugar gliders.


i like venues where its not all basic 1-2 gene animals, i once drove 5 hours to an expo just to see a bunch of normals, mojaves, cinnys and i think the best snake there was probably a BEL. one guy had a pastel clown priced at 800. i got a crestie and a day gecko but i would probably never go back to that show. i also like ones with tons of variety that have a lot of species and oddballs.

The problem in my area is I have a lot of multiple gene ball pythons but it seems rare to sale anything over $200

One big thing for me would be NOT having non-herp venders there. I am there to see herps, not be accosted by reps for new windows or shower remodels or scented candles or stuffed animals or buy a firearm.

I like the diversity that importers provide, but it has to be in good shape. Not guys who get a drop shipment the night before and just throw it on the table as is without even checking it over first.

Appropriate space to selection ratio. It always drives me nuts to see a guy with only three (usually very basic) animals on a 2.5m table

Unless the venue is very large, less space given to supply dealers. They can bring their full inventory, but leave most of it in the trailer and have just one or two of the large things, like tanks, on display and have customers that want those pick them up from the trailer on their way out. When a quarter of the venue space is take up by a single supply dealer, I cannot help but think of all the potential animal vendors that were turned aside.

Promote USARK. They are fighting for us. The more people that know about them and support them, the easier it is for them to continue fighting for us


As a vendor, I’d like to see a clean, well-lit space with room to navigate the aisles. Wifi is a huge help for processing credit cards and clean bathrooms are always #1. Since I am a one-man operation, I appreciate a short/convenient route from parking lot to building. Also agree with previous post, I am not a fan of vendors selling windows/doors/gutters. The big show chain that we all know is notorious for booking them because they want to sell as many tables as possible.

As a shopper, I’m less picky, but I do appreciate diversity in the species being sold. I also think that the door price needs to correspond with the size of the show and quality of venue. Having the promoter reach out to big names in the industry is always a plus. I saw Ozzy at the Gettysburg Expo and I’m definitely old enough to remember seeing Pete Kahl at a few shows.


I think there’s an expo in Nevada (Las Vegas) from 21-23May in case anyone’s interested.

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I have been to the Las Vegas one before. I believe they have 2 or 3 a year

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