Exotic Pet Researcher Taking Survey

Hi all! My name is Lauren and I am working with a few researchers to learn how exotic pet owners find the resources they need to choose and take care of their pets. I’m at the U of Florida. Also, just for the record, we are not anti-owning exotic pets. :slight_smile:

We are asking pet owners to take this super quick, 7-minute survey to help us out with our research. We do not collect any personal information. If you take the survey (and as a thank you for your time!), at the end you can be entered into a contest for a chance to win one of three $100 Amazon gift cards. The drawing will be held on 9/4/19.

Click www.exoticpetsurveycontest.com to take the quick survey. Thanks!!

You can email me at Lauryn014@ufl.edu if you have any concerns or questions.


Done! :slight_smile: