Experience in Shipping Temperatures

Where I live, we are lucky to get an overnight low of 40 for a month or so in the summertime. As there are some sellers who prefer to ship at that temp, you can see how it could potentially be difficult to purchase online.

Luckily my seller has offered to ‘take the risk’ of shipping at other temps. I see the potential risk of the snake being too cold and dying if it was like exposed to 10 degrees for a couple hours or something, (I obviously have no experience, so no need to blast me) but in all honesty, the snake goes from a building, to a plane maybe, to a truck, to another building doesnt it? The snake isnt exposed to tons of outdoor cold is it? It’s not like its going to hang out on my porch for hours early in the morning either. I’m planning to wait for like 25-30 degree weather. Sellers, what are your experiences with temperatures lower than 40°? And maybe I could use some educating on how the shipping process works :wink: Thank you!

Here is how I proceed with shipping I have very strict guidelines

I take in consideration the temperatures at origin, the main hub, as well as destination.

Below 35˚: No shipping
Between 35˚and 49˚: FedEx staffed facility
Between 50˚and 89˚: Door to door and/or FedEx staffed facility
Between 90˚and 92˚: FedEx Staffed facility
Over 92˚: No Shipping

Never had any issues even with packages that have been delayed for 24 hours.

Knowing how to pack is also very important not just the temperatures but heat pack placement, lining thickness etc.


Temperatures under 40 aren’t great. I have good luck with FedEx overnight to the hub but I’ve heard some horror stories.

A frozen snake is better than a cooked snake.

To highlight the heat danger.