Experience with the length of pregnancy

Hi, how long does your python take for pregnancy?
I wait the first egg, i have experience with cornsnakes, python is my first. I read it could take 2 month to 6 month, usually month.
My one female is pregnancy near 4 month and she fat to 3 month, and second female undress to 1 month and fat. I have extreme snakes ? :slight_smile: they all show characters pregnancy.
Sorry for my english, Iam Czech

Not sure I quite understand the question but I will try to answer anyway.

Follicular development in Ball Pythons from start to being fully mature can take up to 6 months, during that time you will se behaviour such as cooling down, lumping etc

Once fully matured the eggs are fertilized and the female ovulates which is where the real count down starts. From that time to egg laying the female will swell up like a football in the mid section, have a tail sucked in (ovulation day), during the last few weeks lay inverted and have a prelay shed all that while being on the warm side.

From ovulation to pre lay you need to count about 14 days and from ovulation to egg laying your average will be about 45 days, sometimes less, sometimes more.

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Yes, ok thank. :wink: