Explain like I'm 10

So I’d like to put forward the idea of a new tag… #ELI10

Those of you that use Reddit will likely have came across ELI5, a sub-forum that is based around answering complexed questions in a manner that a 5 year old child could understand.

I think it would work well here and also lead to some interesting topics.

Questions don’t have to be difficult, they could be as abstract and random as you like.

For example:

  • Why does this substrate hold more moisture than that substrate?

  • How do heat bulbs work?

  • What are morphs?

  • What is bio-active and how does it work?

  • How do snake do IT?

  • What are BELs?

  • Why are rats a good food source?

  • How do snakes hear?

And hopefully users with knowledge in that field can answer as simple but informative as possible.

Basically using this tag is a way of saying in advance “I don’t understand your first answer, can you make that simpler?”


Sounds good. How do I set a macro to respond with that tag every time @t_h_wyman posts? My pea brain is usually lost by paragraph 2 lol. :joy:

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I need it for all the veterans that post :joy:


I usually try to put in some kind of analogy or the like to try and make it more reachable… :disappointed_relieved: