Explosion in weight?

Just curious to if anyone has experience in ball pythons just gaining weight super fast out of the blue…

I have two picky eaters, they prefer live, and since I am breeding asfs, it works for me. I’m still working on the ratio of how much to produce, and not having great luck my first time around one colony of 1.5 tried to kill the male, and so I left one male baby with them to take his place. So far so good there, they are producing. The other colonies I fed off as they were poor producing, babies dying and very bitey. Currently have two colonies, 1.4 and 1.5, and they are producing, currently got over 80 babies.

Anyways, back to the subject.

I have two picky female eaters, they prefer live. Before feeding them live, they would not eat, and peaked at 580g - 600g. The following month at weight in, they lost weight due to lack of eating. That is when I strictly have them on live asfs, and after one month, they went from 600g, to over 800g. I only feed them once a week, and appropriate sized, which the asfs were between 3-4 months old. The other BPs are on f/t rats, and are growing slow and steady, but these two seem to have caught up to them in one month. Their physique is between good and slightly thick. Not obese. I will keep a close eye on them, and adjust if needed if next weight in they show another large growth.

Here is a chart of their growth for this year. The ones I am referring to are Eir and Sif.

Also to add, they just ate Sunday, so their current weight is on a full stomach.


Metabolisms are divergent even within the same clutch. I raise entire clutches for the first year sometimes, to give metabolic efficiency time to show, and thereby be a selection factor.

Babies from the same clutch, fed identically, will often diverge in body shape as they grow. Some will stay lean on ‘x’ amount of food, some will plump up and require a diet change to maintain the physique I look for.