Expo Vendor Cancellation

It may vary between each expo but I was wondering if after getting a position as a vendor at a reptile expo it was possible to cancel. Like for example you had to suddenly go out of town or for whatever reason you wouldn’t be able to make it if you could cancel your position. Does anyone on here have an answer to this?

It’ll depend on the individual expo. One of the local ones require a fair amount of time in advance so they can fill the spot. It should be something to inquire about when you sign up.


Thank you for letting me know. My local expo is the largest and most popular expo in my region so I assume they would have more leeway when it comes to that because they would very easily be able to replace the spot, but I will still check in when I apply.

There is no central organization or authority on reptile shows. Typically you have a person/group/company that runs an expo and the way they manage these events will vary wildly.

My recommendation is to find the shows near you and start reaching out to the promoters. You’ll figure out quick who is a pro and who is an amateur. A lot of vendors and breeders will give business to promoters who suck, but as a general rule I try not to.

There is a local show that is held about 20 minutes from my house. I reached out to the promoter well in advance to see if there were any tables available. He said he was sold out but that if I wanted to vend, I could show up with my own table. Know who the promoters are in your local circuit, because had I accepted his offer, I would have shown up with a table and he would not have had any recollection of our agreement.

This is one of the pockets of our industry where we need some new blood. I’m glad to see folks like HERPS show really making a difference.

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Yes, I am aware on how reptile shows work, I was just asking a general question, but I will ask when I sign up.