Ey who's.....lizard is this

Someone lose something


“Hello, nice boy. Uh, nice boy. Nice dinosaur. I thought you were one of your big brothers, you’re not so bad. You’re not so bad…”


Laughing out loud and feeling old. When the original “Jurassic Park” was about to hit theaters, there was the usual media blitz. All the morning shows, late night, new fast-food Jurassic toys for the kiddies, so much merch in all the places. It was getting a lot of justifiable buzz about how lifelike the dinosaurs were, and was being promoted as a great family movie.

I had read the book the year before, and I was as excited about seeing it as anybody. At the time, a friend and I often had play dates and sometimes took the kids to the movies together. My triplets were three years old, and her kids were three year and a baby. She called to ask when we should take them to “Jurassic Park.” I had read the book, so said I thought at least a another three or four years! It’s a great movie, but not super toddler friendly on a massive screen. :rofl: :joy:


Hahaha. Watching children being hunted by velociraptors builds character in youngsters.