“Eye Color” and “Neuro” drop down… [58]

I know this might seem trivial, but is there a possibility of adding an “Eye Color” and “Neurological” drop down to the Ball Python section?

Eye Color:
I know many “newbies” (myself included) that aren’t too comfortable with not being able to see the irises of owned, and potential purchases. Their eye color is a top deterrent for myself, and many others. I know it probably sounds rather dumb to the “seasoned” owners/breeders/handlers, but when you’re trying to get over your irrational fears of snakes, being able to know where they are looking plays a major part in your “security”.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on morphs, and I know that there are a lot of people who have issues with the “spider” gene, among others that have potential neurological issues. I personally believe in researching the breeder, speaking to them, and seeing video of any BP’s I’m interested in with any of these known morphs. Now, I’d like to think that all of the sellers on here are honest, and take the best care of their animals as possible, but there are always a few bad eggs. It would be nice to have a drop down where if “noticed”, they would be honest enough to disclose any wobble/feeding/righting issues, etc.
Just a thought, but I have personally just been excluding specific morphs from my searches because contacting countless breeders with the same questions has gotten too time consuming and unrealistic.

Thank you to all those who truly want to educate the uneducated like myself. Working and speaking with BP lovers like yourselves, has helped my confidence, knowledge, and understanding tremendously!

Maybe I’m not interpreting what you’re asking. correctly, but I’m not sure eye color is a reachable goal.

Eye color is pretty variable and as we make new combos, we don’t necessarily know what it will be. T+ and T- albinos have different eye colors, when you add Axanthic it’s yet another color. If you take a picture at the wrong angle, they can still look black. Blue eyed lucy’s eyes flash red in some cases adding another monkey wrench. The presence of enchi or pastel can make the combo have green eyes a lot times, but isn’t a reliable indicator of what genes are actually present. Some non BEL genes will have steel grey eyes that could easily be mistaken for blue. Banana isn’t commonly thought of as an Albino mutation but it essentially is a T+ but it only transmits red eyes in some combos. Other combos they’re black. All of that leaves aside the split color or unevenly colored eyes.

If we could control it better I could see it being practical, but if the breeders don’t have a handle on it, I don’t see how MM could pull it off.

I could see putting a Neuro tag on stuff but honestly none of the other wobble morphs have as severe an expression as spider unless they have other health/husbandry issues. HGW and Champagne would slide right by most beginners and could go unnoticed for life.

Oh, ok. I see why you’re saying. You’re right, that would be hard to do. Thank you for your reply.