FADER... who knows it?

Don’t see Pastel in this either as for YB well a Belly Shot would be needed.

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I was really only questioning the fader gene in this post as I knew nothing about it. I trust the breeder she was produced from 100%.

It’s not the breeder, it’s originator of the fader trait that all evidence seems to point at him misinforming the entire hobby.

It’s a polygenetic trait, it’s desirable but, it’s not a simple dominant trait.


You got some photo of ss fader?
Planning to get pastel specter fader

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Pastel specter fader

Fader is just another one of Kevin’s morph cons. It’s not a real genetic trait and it’s not worth spending more than you’d spend on an animal without it. Just consider them a very nice example of whatever else they are.