Family Tree/Pedigree

I am wanting to create a family tree, or pedigree if you will, for the babies I sell. Something a little extra to send to buyers. I tried to make something on Excel but I’m not very proficient and it was a disaster. Have others made something like this and used some sort of template? I want to insert pictures but I couldn’t find any that would allow me to do so.

Im not sure if he uses this forum still but @inlandreptile does this for all of his snakes. It really is an awesome tool for you the breeder as well as for your buyers. So dont give up on it! It isnt needed, but its little things like that which set some breeders apart :slight_smile:

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On a side note, i think the program you are looking for is MS paint (or whatever the new version is.) Place the pictures in tree form, then add lines, then add text boxes. Its the simplest way to do it

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There are different softwares for making pedigrees but I made some pedigrees to plan pairings myself with Google Drawings. I just made boxes and circles to represent males and females and just used lines to connect them. You can add pictures next to the boxes if you wanted them. It’s not the prettiest or most versatile option but it works great for me.


I used a free app for iOS I found in the AppStore called free family tree. Honestly not the most visually appealing, or user friendly. Worked for me, I love to keep track of my bloodlines for myself! Got it a while ago, so not sure if it is still there/free. Good idea though, I’ve always used them and as a customer would really like to see it. Breeders of carpet pythons do it regularly, because of the limited bloodlines. We should probably ask them, you can even see it on mm carpet python pages.