Fatal or Flawed Morphs

This is a index of community wiki pages of morph issues of different species.

Morph Issues [Ball Pythons]


we have one for ball pythons i did not find one for african fat tail geckos if that what AFT’s stands for. Maybe something worth working on.


Whiteout to whiteout is fatal.

And ghost is apparently infertile.

Hope that helps! :blush:


On some older websites, it may list Amel combos as being fatal. It looks like everybody was just having tragic luck when trying to combine Amel with other morphs. I think it was Whiteout and Zulu/Zero with Amel from memory.

Until someone succeded in hatching out a double recessive Amel combo and it turned out it was possible after all!


My Amel is with my whiteout Oreo, can’t wait for some hets 🥲


That’s a very cool idea, to make a list of potentially problematic morphs for commonly kept reptile species. I could do one for leos easily. But I can see problems arising over disagreements over severity or existence of defects though.


Person A puts down on the list that Morph X causes infertility, star-gazing, and shedding issues. Person B is a breeder with a large collection of animals they just invested a lot of money in, all of which have Morph X, so it is highly in their interest to minimize or outright deny that Morph X is associated with health issues. (I’m actually thinking of the quarter horse stallion Impressive, for those familiar with HYPP.)


Morph Z is occasionally associated with very severe disease, but only a small percentage of the time. I can see people disagreeing over how to list the issue, whether or not Morph Z is a proven cause of the severe disease, etc.


Morph R is newly discovered. Some animals are affected by disease. However, people fight over whether the issues are caused by the inbreeding used to propagate the morph or are a result of the morph itself.

One more (common to several morphs/species):

Morph Y is always associated with neuro problems. Most of the time the issue isn’t severe, but it can be. People get in fights over this issue all the time (Spider BPs, Enigma leos, etc.).

Does anyone have any ideas how to deal with potential issues for a project like that?


Scoria in Boas has a wobble.

But technically all morphs are flawed.

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Only with research and hard evidence I suppose, as has been done with Lemon Frost leopard geckos.

The brightened colouration of Lemon Frosts is caused by a proliferation of iridophores. The cancers associated with Lemon Frosts are iridophomas. Microscopy analysis of skin samples from Lemon Frosts showed that the colouration changes and the cancers were both tied to iridophores malfunctioning. Beautiful but also deadly for the poor gecko.

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That’s an interesting point. Back in the day (Probably 1980s) When Amel corn snakes were still quite new, there was a lot of inbreeding depression in most that were available in the UK.
I guess any new morph could have that problem as people try to multiply them fast to cash in, making it look like fatal or problematic morph when it may not be so.
Edit. To clarify people jumping on a new morph for money is the exception to the rule but it happens.
Most do it for the pleasure of the new morph.

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As Mary nudged at, feel free to start these threads and get the ball rolling.

I’ll turn this thread by David into a wiki and we can use this as a index of pages.

Please title them along the same lines as Morph Issues [Ball Pythons] and place them in the correct category use the tags #breeding #genetics and the species tag.

Also tag @community_support in a comment and they can help with the layout if needed.

A helpful thread:

Corn Snake morphs with known health issues?