Favorite 2021 boa pairing!

What’s everyone excited about this season? What’s your favorite boa project and why? This year I am hoping to finally produce some visual paradise, paradise glows and paradise Junglows if all goes well. This is my favorite project because of the diversity you can get in one litter. Since sharp albino and Prodigy T+ albino are allelic the opportunities are endless. We are barely scratching the surface with morph combos so I’m interested to hear your thoughts!


The only pairing I’m probably going to do this year is my female Motley Paraglow possible jungle possible het type 1 anery. I haven’t decided (but I’m leaning one way) whether to use my Sharp albino possible het type 1 anery or one of his sons, an Arabesque, possible Jungle 100% het Sharp. The idea of having all Sharps and Paradigms in the litter is really tempting, but mixing Arabesque into the mix is also really tempting.

If my male European Pastel Kahl Albino Motley is up to size in time (he’s been growing fairly slowly) I’ll put him on my Kubsch Red Pastel Arabesque Het Kahl female. That will be a pairing I’m really looking forward to whenever it finally comes to fruition.


We are really hoping that our motley moonglow het blood male and our coral sunglow will go this year!


Don’t mind the mess, it was cleaning day lol


My goodness, are males so significantly smaller then their female counterparts, or that one just younger, or am I assuming too much. Beautiful nevertheless!


Males are just leave less girth and usually are shorter.

As for the thread, I have no pairings for this year. Just waiting for my girl Willow to get to size. She is a visual Anery Sterling. I don’t have my breeder male yet, but he is going to be a visual Anery IMG het Sterling or a IMG Sterling het Anery. Really just comes down to what will be available first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Hopefully, I’ll start growing my collection bit by bit…


This year I’m trying to prove out a super ghost het moon that I produced in 2017 x snow. If she proves super ghost, every baby will be a moonglow or a ghost!


Hi! He is a proven breeder male born in 2017. Males can get as big as females. When you use males for breeding they typically burn a lot of calories. Following the season they are replenishing those calories rather than gaining a tremendous amount of size

Incredible start none the less! Can’t say I’ve even seen an Anery sterling !

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Thanks! I can’t wait to produce a litter of Sterlings