Favorite Enclosures for Leos/AFT?

What are your favorite non-rack options for housing leos and AFT? I have one of each, and would like to have stackable enclosures of some sort for them (ideally) so they can be office buddies!


Boaphile enclosures would work for you as they are stackable and come completely assembled with all the bells and whistles you should choose. All have to do is plug them in.

That being said however, Jeff Ronne (owner) was out of commission for several months but the website should be up and running again next month (January).

I have 3 of his enclosures with no issues with any of them. The delivery time is a bit long but the enclosures are worth the wait…….


Many years ago I had picked up some secondhand boaphile enclosures and I loved them, I’ve always heard the wait time is a PITA, but the enclosures are so worth it! I had looked at AP, but I’ll go look at boaphile now.

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You may not be able to access Boaphile until next month. So don’t give up if you don’t see it now……

Yes they are great! :wink::blush::lizard::snake::frog:

AP has long wait times too, just so you know. I ordered an enclosure back in July and didn’t receive it until a couple weeks ago (mid-December). Their enclosures are nice, though! Lots of options for sizes and customization, good quality, and their prices seemed a little lower than some other manufacturers I was looking at.

You might also look at All American Cages. I have my sand boa in one of their enclosures and it’s great.

(I don’t have any geckos, but I bought two enclosures this year, so I figured I’d offer my 2 cents.)

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I really like Dubia.com 's black PVC enclosures! They are stackable and seem durable. Longest I’ve owned one is 18 months. Very noisy to put together (hammer-time) but thats my only deduction from the construction of the cage. Well, once you assemble them its stuck like that, def not collapsible, yet very durable. I personally like the 36"L×18"W×12"H, I can achieve a nice temp gradient easily and being PVC you can drill holes easily for misting sysytems and what not.
They run for $170 or so before shipping but dubia.com shipping is fast.

I have mine on a storage rack but they have options for spacers and wheels

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I myself have my fatties in a viv, they’re being upgraded soon. But all bio (need to add new plants) lots of substrate and many hides and even climbing places for them!

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With my arid set-ups I seem to always need to add new plants! Most my leos smash the succulents I try, but I’ve had great success with pony-tail palms and wooly cactus. I have started collecting seeds from the desert and plan to grow out some naturally arid plants and see how they do in enclosures. I’ve thought about bonsai mesquite and rain trees also.

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