Favorite Feeder Insects

To all of the fellow lizard owners out there, what are y’alls favorite feeder insect to use, and why? For me it’s gotta be dubia roaches. They’re so easy to feed, they’re not all loud and jumpy like crickets, they have lots of nutritional value, they’re easy to find, they’re just all around amazing. The only bad thing about them is their price, but the species I own isn’t an exclusive insect eater so that doesn’t really matter.


I agree with everything you said on the dubias. I wanted to try breeding my own hornworms (since they are also easy to feed and healthy), but I couldn’t get them past very small larvae. But, as long as they aren’t crickets any feeder works (but I’m going to be buying crickets in a few days for some baby geckos I bought :neutral_face:).


As far as insects go I am not a Dubai roach person at all. I wish I was but they are just creepy to me! Lol! I ordered some banded crickets from Josh’s Frogs and they seem to be cleaner and healthier than the ones I have been buying from Petsmart. So crickets are on my list.

My personal favorite feeders are meal worms, waxed worms, super worms, horn worms, silk worms, butter worms red anglers, and even good ole fishing worms. Lol!

As a matter of fact, does anyone know how to start a meal worm colony? Supposedly it’s super easy to start one…… ?

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This should answer your question

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Oh wow thank you! Ask and you shall receive! God bless you! Woo hoo! :blush: