Favorite Fire Pairings

Hey guys, what’s your favorite gene to pair with Fire? I have a male Super Fire and I’d like ideas as to what to pair him to

Since you have a super fire which is a (bel). Consider pairing it with a pastel, clown, ghost, bamboo, or lesser

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Vanilla pairs well with fire too can make vanilla creams.

Fire works VERY WELL in Ghosts:


Ohhhhhh love that ghost!!

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My goodness Martin you have one hell of a collection and already have some things I am trying to get…first it was the pumpkin pied post and now the hypo!!! Two of my favorites

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If you notice in my pic I had a clutch and I let my2 year old pick one and she picked a Pastel Enchi Ghost which wasnt the best per say out of the clutch but the way them 2 bonded was insane…hypos seem to just have that calm demener which makes em perfect ambassadors to introduce people who are scared of these amazing animals…I’m dead ass when I say it seems like they have conversations…

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To be fair: my Ghost project is tiny!!! All in… i don’t have more than 5 or 6 breeder animals.
The Super Phantom Ghost was what started it for me. It took me 4-5 years to make one, but I knew it was worth the wait and time. Especially since not many people are willing to invest the time these days.

With Ghosts: I have no doubt that I’ll be keeping it a “side project”, but: there are also certain things I still want to do with it.


Yeah I just started with ghost and I’m extremly happy with how they age and its super underrated

Here is my first fire gene carrier. She should add nicely if I can figure out which male to use with her. Fire/pastel/cinnamon/spider/calico


Fire Leopard Clown and FireFly Leopard Clown
Fire and Clown were meant for eachother.