Favorite Hatchling Water Dish hack?

What’s everyone’s favorite hatchling water dish?

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I don’t have ball pythons yet, but when I do I will likely use different sized ceramic dog bowls.

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2 oz. disposable souffle cup in a 2" PVC threaded pipe coupler. I get all of my disposable water bowls at Restaurant Depot. You can become a member for free but you have to show proof that you are a business.

If you are buying disposables in bulk from the rack manufacturers, you are paying well over 100% markup.


@projectpython THAT’s the kind of hack I’m after.

Also just so happens that my day job is Food and Beverage Director. I know all about 2oz soufflé cups!

Yup, trip to Home Depot in the morning. Thank you!

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No problem. When you are shopping for the PVC pipe couplers, get the ones that are threaded on one side. The threads help the cup stay flat.

If you get the coupler that is smooth on both sides, the cup may sit wonky.

Bring the souffle cup with you and make sure it sits nice in the coupling before you buy 80 of them!


I don’t know why but when I read this, I read it as,” bring the soufflé cups with you and make sure it sits nice in the couplings before you buy 80 of them.” My mind went to a guy carrying in 80 soufflé cups in to Home Depot and checking all of them with the couplings. Oh my goodness, they would be all over the floor all set up :rofl:.

Ps your suggestion is on point, my brain malfunction would be outrageous to see though.