Favorite Lesser Combos?

So, I’ve started putting together my first BP breeding group, begining with a Lesser male. Looking to get some females to pair him to and I was wondering if there are any standout Lesser combos for y’all.
I think I’d like to get a Mojave or Super Mojave to produce some BELs. Other than that, I know that Kingpins are pretty popular.
What do you think?


Not a huge fan of lesser usually, but I have seen some pretty nice lesser blade clown combos

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Yeah, I don’t think Lesser combos well with very many other genes. It’s capable of making some good looking snakes though. My new animal for example looks great for a single gene morph, the yellow really pops and the alienheads are phenomenally psychedelic.

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Other than making BELs, the easiest dramatic Lesser combos are probably Soul Sucker stuff.
Soul Sucker is Lesser HGW.


This is my favorite as well! With hypo butter being a close second


Shaun beat me to it but I was going to say Hypo/Ghost as well. Here are a couple I’ve produced. Lesser Hypo and Lesser Enchi Hypo. I still have the Lesser Enchi Hypo so another pic of her as an adult. Lesser Leopard Spotnose Clown is a really nice looking combo so I added a pic of two I produced last season.


One other that is not bad is Lesser Banana. It is one of the few banana combos that doesn’t really produce the black dots which are indicative of banana. I did not produce this boy but here is a pic as a hatchling and as an adult.


I love enchi lesser and lesser clowns are nice


I’m from the Ralph Davis generation of breeders and I loved lesser when it hit the market. I still have my original lesser female breeder that I got at Tinley and I’ll never get rid of her.

But to be honest, I’ve found that the gene isn’t one of those that automatically improves combos. I like it with Black Pastel, Ghost, and Enchi, but beyond that, there isn’t much I want to do with it.

I don’t care for lesser in clowns. Nor do I think lesser pieds or super lessers are attractive. Maybe someone will hit the right lesser combo with DG and it will be stellar!


My favs are BEL and lesser cinnamon


I really like lesser!
I think it goes well with quite a few morphs.
Some of the best in my opinion are:
Black pastel
Hidden gene woma
As well as leopard, ocelots are just gorgeous.

Congrats on getting one! I hope you make a lot of pretty babies.


Here are a few of my favorite Lesser/Butter combos!

In order they are: a Lesser OD Leopard Fire, a Firefly Butter Enchi, a Butter Fire Spider, a Queenbee Spotnose het Clown, and a Black Pewter Lesser Clown.


My favorites are Leopard Lesser, Queen Bee and it’s derivatives, and Soul Sucker.


I’m a fan of mahogany lesser.


Super Pastel Lesser Enchi and Super Pastel Lesser Calico I produced earlier this year!

I really dig this :point_up: Excellent work producing that!

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Thank you! I loved his heart shaped alien heads!

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Here’s another one of my favorites. Poor man’s G-Stripe - Lesser HGW Pinstripe (Soul Sucker Pin)


Oh my goodness, they age so well.
It makes really excited to try for them sometime down the line.

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Soul sucker combos get better with age as a generalization. The yellows intensify a lot in the first couple years.

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